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Energicer: The Ultimate Energy Shot

Boost Your Energy in Seconds

Unlock instant vitality with just two sprays. Energicer propels you back to your peak, fueling hours of dynamic energy. Our groundbreaking patented  Swiss Liquid Ice formula merges a VO2 max boost with a caffeine kick, delivering rapid-fire reaction speeds, laser-sharp focus, and unmatched performance. Breathe easier, stay healthier, and feel invigorated around the clock with Energicer – your 24/7 energy powerhouse.

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Black Marble

Game On, Fatigue Off: Elevate Your Play with Every Spray

Energicer Spray
The powerhouse

Your Game, Supercharged
  • Instant Energy Boost with Natural Caffeine

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Reaction Time

  • VO2+ATP Infusion for Sustained Performance 

  • Improves cognitive perception, school tested

  • Just pure focus with zero jitters 


Protector Spray
Dr Charles Formula

Your Shield Against the Elements
  • Boosts Energy and Clears Brain Fog with extra oxygen

  • Natural Immune Support for Seasonal Challenges

  • Promotes Overall Nasal Health for better sleeping

  • Features Manuka , Aloe vera ,  Castor oil and  Groblad all keeping your nose and throat fresh bacteria free and extra healthy even during allergy and cold season.


Pink Lady Energy

Look Good .Feel Great  + Be your best 
  • Harnessing natures essance for a healthier  energy boost

  • St Moritz Swiss Formula with VO2 oxygen boosters and ATP energy proteins

  • Features SourSop, known promote anti aging ,Vitamin C , Aloe vera  and cold pressed Castor Oil

  • Infused with Swedish Pink Full Moon water  extra energy

  • Made with Solar power, carbon neutral 100% Recyclable

Pink Lady 3_edited_edited.png

The Secret Weapon for Racers,  Gamers and Athletes Looking to Take Their Skills to the Next Level !

Energicer Spray combines caffeine, extra oxygen, and ATP for enhanced focus, reaction time, and stamina—minus the jitters of energy drinks. Elevate your gaming with no side effects, staying sharp and healthy around the clock. Try Energicer now and feel the difference!

Our Energiced Partners



Nico Mueller 

Pro Hypercar  Lemans 

 Formula E Driver .

Pro Sim Racer

Bern ,Switzerland

Frame 1000001785.png

Isaak Douhan

Top 25 Fortnite International

Stockholm, Sweden

The Protector - Dr Charles 


Dr Charles Randquist

World renowned Nasal Surgery Specialist

Stockholm, Sweden


Penny Ford

 I Got The Power Snap!

Singer-songwriter, record producer

 Ohio, USA

Pink Lady Energy


Julietta Gusarova MD

International Anti aging Dermatologist

London England


Therese Neaime

Want you back!




Stockholm Sweden

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