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Say hello to a new level of excellence & goodbye to Fatigue & brain fog 


Energy on demand 2 sprays in the nose and instantly you are 100% again !

With our cutting-edge formula powered by Liquidice , you'll experience a smooth VO2 energy boost plus a touch of caffeine for lightning-fast reaction times, enhanced concentration, and unparalleled performance- All while breathing better staying healthy and feeling cool whenever you want 24/7 !

The Energicer Nasal Spray
Energy Shot in 30 seconds

The Secret Weapon for Racers,  Gamers and Gamer Girls Looking to Take Their Skills to the Next Level !

Energicer Spray provides a unique blend of caffeine and extra oxygen to help you power through even the longest gaming sessions. The added ATP in each spray helps to increase your reaction time and mental clarity, giving you the competitive edge you need to win.. So if you're tired of the ups , downs and jitters of energy drinks, switch to Energicer Spray and take your gaming to the next level. And it even helps you stay healthier and in the game 24/7 ! With no side effects !

Get Energicer now , 

           Try it you will like it !

Image by Florian Olivo


ChillZone UVB by Energicer

and Join the Recycling Revolution

The coolest UVB sterilization and recycling chamber is an integral part of our manufacturing process for the Energicer Shooters . This state-of-the-art chamber utilizes UVB light to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from each shooter, ensuring that they are always safe and clean to consume. Energicer headquarters are totally solar powered , soon water powered too !

Energicer shooters are refillable and 100% recyclable.

Order the refill or send them back, your choice.

Save on the Refill or get a cool Pocket shooter with your next order free .

     We care about you and our world !

     We are Energicer Made in Sweden

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