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  • Has Energicer been medically supervised and tested
    Yes, Energicer has undergone extensive testing including a medically supervised case study conducted in the graduating high school class in Germany. During the 30 days leading up to graduation the students used the Energicer in the morning and in the evening before bed. The students registered an increase in focus and concentration, while all participants remained 100 percent healthy for the case study. Notably the class reduced its energy drink consumption from .5 cans per day to zero cans per day, indicating a very positive shift in energy drink habits. There we no side effects registered.
  • How does Energicer compare to traditional energy drinks
    Energicer provides the same energy boost smoother but with a groiundbreaking difference as it contains 95% less caffeine. Its secret is the patented VO2 oxygen and ATP power, delivering a more sustained energy without the jitters.
  • What makes Energicer unique for gamers
    Energicer is endorsed by top professional Lemans Formula E and Sim racer Nico Mueller of Switzerland.. as well as a top 25 Footnoteortnite player Isak. ensuring the athe gamers get the competitive edge that they need. Its innovative formula supports heightened focus , stamina and reaction times, optimizing gaming performance.
  • Why is Energicer more effective than energy drinks
    A single Energicer shooter delivers the same energy boost as 20 energy drinks, saving you a considerable amount of money. Enjoy peak performance without breaking the bank.
  • Can Energicer be used daily
    Yes Energicer is safe and non addictive and is designed for daily use.. Its patented formula provides consistent and smooth energy , making it the perfect energy boost for your every day activities, wheter you are gaming, working or studying.
  • Is Energicer suitable for those with caffeine sensitivity
    Absolutely! Energicers innovative formula is designed to be gentle on the system, making it suitable for indiviuaks with caffeine sesitivity. Expereince enhanced energy without the side effects.
  • Is the Energicer environmentally friendly
    Yes we are committed to sustainabilty. Energicers are produced in Sweden in a solar powered production. all packjaging is 100% recyclable and our Energicer recycling bonus is unsurpassed. We care about the environment.
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