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What the International Experts
are Saying about Energicer 


Some of the top players were having trouble breathing before our Match against Sweden. The trainer used it for better sleeping and more energy and the results were excellent 3-1 and two goals. “I use the Energicer myself for more energy when on the road for the Matches as well as to stay healthy at home. I highly recommend it !   

Gerhard Zallinger Science Expert Austrian National Football team

Each Energicer has its own medical expert  making sure its the very best energy for you.

Energicer / Dr Z Vienna
the Premiere Gamer Doc 
Protector / Dr Charles Randquist Stockholm
The World Renowned Nasal  Expert
Screenshot (237).png
Pink Lady  / Dr J London 
Anti Aging Energy Doc 

The Energicer Story and the DC 3 Innovation Station

 Thermogenetic Expert  

Gary Hassler is a  thermogenetic expert with over 35 years of experience in the Health and performance industry. He is also the US and EU patent holder for the release of oxygen and ATP from fat cells and has a long history of developing innovative sports and medical products. In 1997, Gary started  Liquid Ice, in St. Moritz, Switzerland, and has recently relocated to Sweden to continue his work in a more sustainable environment with exotic Ingredients. Gary is a custom product designer and medical product innovator who has won numerous awards for his innovative products. His latest venture, the Energicer Spray, is the result of years of research and development, as well as personal experience.


Speed Healer

Gary was unable to breathe through his nose for the last 5 years . Due to his throat Cancer treatments and Pandemic his nose surgery  was delayed until May 2022, Gary underwent a very successful rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Charles Randquist world renowned surgeon & now his partner. His needs for a faster recovery  inspired him to create a Nasal solution that would reduce swelling in the nose and also improve oxygen levels in the body for hyper-healing and increased energy. Now it is ready for the World.

The Energicer is Worlds first Energy nose spray with Swiss protection was born in Sweden in 2023


Watch the Energicer DC 3 Innovation Station for more excitement in 2024 ,.like the Amazing Protector and the Fabulous Pink Lady SuperNatural. 

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