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The Pink Lady SuperNatural Energy is your secret weapon to revitalize your energy !

Immerse yourself in aesthetics of wellness with natural oxygen and ATP Cell energy, from the Liquid Ice Technolgy a unique touch the redefines the meaning of vitality. Created in St Moritz Switzerland and now made in our solar lab in Sweden honors our commitment to sustainable natural wellness. The Pink Lady Energy Nasal Spray is a dazzling fusion designed  in St Moritz, Switzerland for the extra oxygen and energy demands of todays world, this highlights the use of the patented Liquid Ice formula. Infused with Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and a symphony of natural wonders, this elixer delivers not just vitality but and extraordinary experience. Vitamin C tanscends traditional wellness while boosting your immunity and radience. Gentle Castor Oil known for its tender touch southes the nasal chambers comfortably.  Menthol awakens the senses while giving a cooling refreshing sensation. Hydrating glycerin enables and pampers your nasal chambers with hydration. Our custom Straight shooter atomizers deliver an elegant vertical spray ensuring targeted coverage and effective results. 


Featuring Barbadian Soursop, offeres immune system support, which is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, has natural antimicrobial tendancies, is known to help regulate blood sugar, and has been oberved to improve life quality and expectancy.


Unviel the continuous energy and immune boosting power of the Pink Lady . each box contains 2 20 ml Magnums enough for 8 weeks , ensuring that your vitality stays vibrant thoughout the day and for weeks to come. The Pink lady is safe, comfortable and Amazing.,, Feel Good and Be your Best Naturally !


Pink Lady SuperNatural Energy

440,00 kr Regular Price
396,00 krSale Price
Expected to ship May 1
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