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Welcome to a new Era of Energy and Nasal Health .The Dr Charles Protector Spray is your energy wellness combination especially for Spring and Summer allergies and breathing issues. .

Elevate your well being with the infusion of extra Oxygen and a powerful energy boost.

Dr Charles Protector combines the forces of Nature to fortify your nasal defenses like never before. It helps reduce the dependance on nasal spray! Enjoy the spring more as allergies become a thing of the past. Fresh cut grass , Birch Pine and pollen are no longer an issue. Breath free and well with the Protector by Dr. Charles. Smooth comfortable sleeping with the rejuvenating powers of extra oxygen makes every day a pleasure.

Crafted with precision and backed by science, this incredible formulations brings together the best of nature and innovation to bring you a one of a kind experience. with the potent mint flavored natural formula , Immerse yourself in the symphony of Manuka oil, Aloe Vera, Castor oil , menthol, glycerin and much more. 


Introducing the Amazing Natural ingredients in the Protector

  •  Swedish Groblad  supports respiratory health used by Vikings and Swedish for centuries.
  •   New Zealand Manuka Oil The antimicrobial action may assist inb combating nasla infections and promoting a healthy nasal environment
  • Organic Aloe Vera provided soothing and aids in the moisturizing of nasal passages supporting overall nasal health
  • Mint refreshes and cools the nasal passages
  • Glycerin creates a protective barrier and reduces dryness and irritation
  • Pure Salt, assists in hygiene reduces congestion and improves breathing
  • Castor Oil provides soothing protection and moisturizing 


Our revolutionary = Straight shooter sprays Precision Vertical  spray directly into the Nasal channels for maxium efficiency and reach,. Invented in Switzerland , used by professional athletes worlwide and now made in Sweden in eco friendly solar labs the Protector is suitable for all. The Protector features the Liquid Ice performance and recovery patented energy formula.

Each Recyclable Box houses not one but 2 twin 20 Ml Magnums  ready to provide continuous energy and protection. The journey to wellness is ongoing and we are ready to support you every step of the way!

Protector - Dr Charles

440,00 kr Regular Price
396,00 krSale Price
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